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Conviction Re-Opened and Case Dropped By Prosecution

Our client instructed us after receiving notice of a fine and 6 points on his Licence for an offence of Failing to Identify a Driver, following service of a Notice of Intended Prosecution.

There had been a number of administrative issues – the plea to the Single Justice Procedure Notice had not been received by the Court and had convicted in absence. Our solicitor Laura Newton made an urgent application to re-open the case, which resulted in the fine and points being set aside.

We then made representations to the police regarding the driver’s defence. The vehicle had been sold, the buyer’s details had been supplied and the duties of the driver had therefore been discharged. Following a review, the prosecution agreed to withdraw the case and the Court granted a Costs Order for recovery of legal fees.

By dealing with the case this way, the driver was not required to attend Court and was saved the cost of pursuing an appeal to the Crown Court. The costs order meant he was not left out of pocket.


Case Details

Case Name: Conviction Re-Opened and Case Dropped By Prosecution
Case Date: October 2020
Case Type (info): Motoring Law

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