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No disqualification for driver with 13 penalty points - May 2024

This driver faced a totting disqualification after accumulating 13 penalty points. The Magistrates’ considered that the 6-month disqualification would leave this driver isolated, due to the rural location of his home, and unable to attend necessary medical appointments. The Magistrates’ found exceptional hardship and imposed no period of disqualification for […]

No Insurance Offence Dropped Prior to Court Hearing - May 2024

This driver had been charged with an offence of driving with no valid insurance as the driver was not properly licenced. Millicent Dooher, barrister, was able to demonstrate that the Driver was properly licensed under his international driving licence and that the insurance was therefore valid. The prosecution withdrew the […]

Exceptional Hardship Argument Succeeds for Carer Husband - May 2024

Millicent Dooher, barrister, represented this driver before the Magistrates’ Court following the accumulation of 12 penalty points. The driver was a ‘totter’, risking a 6-month driving disqualification. The Court accepted the exceptional hardship application on the basis that the driver provided care for his wife. The Court imposed no period […]

Speeding Offence Withdrawn - May 2024

Barrister, Millicent Dooher, represented this Driver before the Magistrates’ Court. The Driver had received 9 penalty points for previous speeding offences. The 4th speeding offence occurred on the same day as one of the previous offences. Millicent was able to agree with the Prosecution that the offence ought to be […]

Exceptional Hardship Granted for Motorist Who Relied on His Vehicle For Work and Caring Responsibilities - April 2024

This Driver, represented by Millicent Dooher had received 12 penalty points following an offence of no insurance. As a totter, the Driver faced a 6-month driving disqualification. Millicent made an application for exceptional hardship for this driver on the basis of loss of employment and impact on his family. This […]

New Driver Disqualified Rather than Revoked - April 2024

Laura Newton represented a ‘New Driver’ who had been recorded speeding on his motorbike at 50mph in an area restricted to 30mph. The normal sentence for this offence would be 6 points, however as a New Driver, this would mean that DVLA would revoke the Licence and he would need […]

Successful Review of TFL Decision to Revoke Private Hire Licence - March 2024

Our client was a Private Hire Driver who had received a notice from TfL that his licence had been revoked. We lodged an appeal against this decision with the Court so the driver could continue working and contacted TfL for a review of the decision. We were advised by TfL […]

TFL Take no Action on Private Hire Driver Accused of Inappropriate Behaviour - March 2024

Laura Newton represented a Private Hire Driver facing action by TfL against his Licence following an allegation of inappropriate behaviour towards a passenger. Detailed representations were made outlining the driver’s account and casting doubt on the allegations. A response was received within 2 weeks from TfL confirming no action would […]

Proceedings Reopened and Disqualification Avoided - March 2024

We were asked to assist a driver who had received a notice of disqualification, following a conviction and sentence in the Magistrates’ court that he was unaware of. We quickly arranged for the driver to make a Statutory Declaration, which was served on the Court to remove the ban and […]

New Driver Disqualified Rather than Revoked. - March 2024

Laura Newton, represented a client before the Magistrates’ Court charged with an offence of speeding, recorded at more than 30mph in excess of the speed limit. In additional the vehicle was found to have a defective tyre. The client was a ‘New Driver’ and would ordinarily have been subject to […]

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