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106mph Speeding Offence – Driver Avoids Disqualification - January 2023

This driver, represented before the Magistrates by Millicent Dooher, pleaded guilty to one speeding offence. The speed was 106mph in a 70mph zone. The driver wanted to receive penalty points rather than any period of disqualification. The Court’s considered the mitigation and imposed 6 penalty points for the offence.

Suspended Sentence for Dangerous Driver Involved in Head on Collision - January 2024

This driver, represented in the Crown Court by barrister Harry Bowyer, was charged with dangerous driving as a result of a head on collision occasioned by an overtaking manoeuvre undertaken by the defendant. The defendant pleaded guilty at the earliest opportunity and expressed appropriate remorse and the judge, despite a […]

Driver with no Insurance Escapes Penalty Points Following Special Reasons Argument. - January 2024

Millicent Dooher, barrister, represented this driver who was found driving with no insurance following an accident. Millicent put forwards a special reasons argument on behalf of the driver on the basis that his father had erroneously told the driver he was insured. The Magistrates’ accepted this and imposed no penalty […]

Exceptional Hardship Granted Following Mobile Telephone Offence - September 2023

Barrister, Millicent Dooher, represented this driver following a mobile telephone offence. Any mobile telephone offence carries 6 penalty points. The Driver already had 6 penalty points on his licence. The further penalty points meant he became a ‘totter’. Following submissions by Millicent, the Magistrates accepted that any disqualification would cause […]

Convictions Quashed For 2x S.172 (Fail to Notify name of Driver) Offences. - September 2023

This motorist, represented at his appeal hearing by Millicent Dooher, had been convicted of 2 offences of failing to provide driver information under s.172. 12 penalty points had been endorsed on his licence and he risked being a totter. At the appeal, it was established that the vehicle was a […]

Exceptional Hardship Appeal Allowed due to Child’s Sporting Activities. - September 2023

This driver had received a 6 month disqualification from the Magistrates for ‘totting’. Millicent Dooher represented him at his appeal hearing at the Crown Court. Prior to the hearing, Millicent had obtained a suspension of the disqualification pending the appeal, so the driver could continue to drive. The driver claimed […]

Drink driver 4 times over the legal limit escapes with 80-hour unpaid work requirement. - August 2023

This driver, represented by Millicent Dooher at his sentencing hearing before the Magistrates’ Court, pleaded guilty to an offence of driving whilst unfit through drink. The breath reading being almost 4 times the legal limit. Millicent was able to convince the Court to deal with the matter in one hearing, […]

3 Penalty Points for Careless driving - August 2023

This driver pleaded guilty to a single offence of careless driving (driving with undue care and attention). He was represented by barrister, Millicent Dooher, at the sentencing hearing. The Court accepted that this was the lowest category of careless driving and imposed 3 penalty points only and a fine. This […]

Driver escapes immediate custody after dangerous police chase - August 2023

This motorcyclist, represented by barrister Millicent Dooher, was charged with dangerous driving following a police chase which involved driving the wrong way down a one-way street, jumping red traffic lights and mounting the pavement where pedestrians were. The rider was also uninsured and unlicenced. Millicent Dooher represented the motorcyclist at […]

Driver Facing Second Disqualification in 10 Years - August 2023

Millicent Dooher, barrister, represented this driver who had pleaded guilty to a charge of drink driving. There was an additional charge of no insurance which was withdrawn following discussions with the Prosecution. The driver faced a mandatory minimum disqualification of 36 months and up to a high level community order. […]

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