Fixed Penalty Notices

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Fixed Penalty Notices

Many driving offences are capable of being dealt with by way of a Fixed Penalty Notice. A Fixed Penalty Notice is an official document which informs you of the motoring offence you are suspected of having committed, and gives you the opportunity to either:

  1. Accept guilt and pay the penalty (a fine and usually penalty points – depending upon the offence), or
  2. Challenge the penalty at court

Be warned however – strict time limits apply in which to challenge the penalty, and ignoring it is not an option. If you fail to respond to a Fixed Penalty Notice you will lose your chance to challenge it, and the penalty will be imposed. The fine will be passed to a debt-collection agency, and any points will be automatically added to your licence.


What Offences Might You Receive a Fixed Penalty Notice for?

Some common motoring offences for which you may receive a Fixed Penalty Notice include:


What should I do if I have received a Fixed Penalty Notice?

If you have received a Fixed Penalty Notice and you believe you are not guilty of the driving offence alleged, you should get advice from a specialist motoring lawyer. Our solicitors and Barristers at Smith Bowyer Clarke offer free initial consultations and fixed fees. We can advise on whether you have any defence in law, and can challenge your Fixed Penalty at court.

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