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Driving a vehicle at excess speed is one of the most common motoring offences and is capable of being dealt with in any of the following ways:

A number of different factors will determine which of these ways is followed.

An offence of speeding requires the service by the police of a Notice of Intended Prosecution. Without this, it is possible that the prosecution may be rendered invalid.


What are the Penalties for Speeding?

Speeding offences can carry penalty points, a fine, and a discretionary disqualification. If you already have 6 or more points on your licence, you are at risk of a driving ban by “totting up”, and you should get immediate legal advice.


What should you do if Suspected of Committing a Speeding Offence?

If you have a speeding case, or receive a Fixed Penalty Notice for a speeding offence, speak to one of our solicitors or barrister today. We can:

  • Advise on whether you have any defences in law
  • Check whether the police have complied with their procedural obligations
  • Advise on whether there are any Special Reasons arguments which could be advanced to avoid the issue of penalty points
  • Advise on whether you are at risk of totting up and a driving ban
  • Prepare for and represent you at trial
  • Represent you at court to advance mitigation on your behalf and seek a lesser penalty


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