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Driver With 24 Points Avoids Disqualification

Our motoring solicitor Laura Newton represented a driver before Nottingham Magistrates’ Court who faced sentence for a number of driving offences. He already had 9 points endorsed on his licence and had been prosecuted for further speeding offences and red light offences. The cases had been linked to be dealt with as a single hearing to allow the driver to take advantage of an exceptional hardship argument. Although the cases were all brought separately by the police and were due to be heard on different dates, it was important to have the Court deal with them together as exceptional hardship grounds can only be used once every 3 years.

The driver would have faced a total of 24 points and a minimum 6 month disqualification. This would have impacted greatly on his ability to continue his business and would put his employees’ jobs at risk. The Court heard the evidence and agreed with the arguments out forward. The driver avoided a totting up disqualification and walked away with only fines and penalty points.

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Case Details

Case Name: Driver With 24 Points Avoids Disqualification
Case Date: February 2021
Case Type (info): motoring law, exceptional hardship, speeding offence, appeal, totting up

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